Faustcoven back-patch reservation

Preposterous Creations is about to produce a vintage back-patch for Norwegian act Faustcoven, with the below specifications:

  • The “Black Doom Metal” design —consisting of a white band logo and a purple motto written in Black Sabbath-styled font— is woven (not screen-printed) on black canvas;
  • Dimensions are 24.5 x 20.5 cm (approximately 9.64 x 8.07″);
  • Price is € 8 excluding shipping costs.

This piece of merchandise is fully endorsed by the artist.

We are setting up a pre-order time-frame starting, as of now until Tuesday 12th February 2013.

The back-patch will be manufactured on demand, with a minimum of 20 units. Therefore none, or very few copies, will be available beyond the reserved quantity.

To place your order, please write to preposterous {dot} creations {at} gmail {dot} com

No upfront payment needed: funds will be promptly requested when the actual patches are ready to be dispatched to their respective owners, tentatively 7-10 days after the reservation closure.

You can check hereinafter a rough mock-up of the back-patch.

(Please bear in mind that this poor quality scan does not make justice to the final item.)

Faustcoven backpatch mock-up